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2024 AAOS Arts & Crafts Festival FAQs


When and where is the festival held?

The AAOS Arts & Crafts Festival will be held Friday, Saturday and Sunday, August 30, 2024 through September 1, 2024, from 10am to 5pm (Labor Day weekend) at the Ocean Shores Convention Center, 120 W Chance a La Mer NW, in Ocean Shores, Washington.


What is the application and payment deadline?

June 15, 2024 (or until all spaces are filled)

Note: In 2023 all inside spaces were filled by the middle of March.


How do I apply?

AAOS Arts and Crafts Festival 

Associated Arts of Ocean Shores 

PO Box 241 

Ocean Shores, WA 98569

  • Applications are not considered complete until payment is received. Booths are assigned on a First Paid basis. Vendor applications received without payment will not be assigned a space.


What are the Festival Policies? (Please read carefully, policies are new for 2024.)

  1. Maintaining the integrity of our AAOS mission requires us to favor booths restricted to art or crafts. For that reason, and because we were forced to exclude qualified artists and crafters last year due to selling out all inside booth space, we will immediately start this transition. Our aim, here, is to elevate both quality and quantity of exhibitors offering art and crafts. This will, in turn, funnel more qualified prospects directly to you and your art or craft. And that will help you raise your prices faster in the future.

  2. You must submit a photo of all types of products that will be available at your booth. ​(Email to

  3. We are NOT jurying the quality of entrants works but we are assessing the type of products you plan to show.

  4. We reserve the right to limit booths of any given type so that we can have a balanced show.

  5. We will accept 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional art and craft objects that are done for beauty, decoration and functionality. This includes normal art categories (for example: painting, sculpture, photography, collage, pottery, etc.) and typical categories of American craft (jewelry, candles, soaps, metal work, etc.) These lists of examples are not comprehensive nor exhaustive. They are simply meant to be examples.

  6. We will accept a limited number of indoor booths for snack foods such as cupcakes, popcorn, cookies and the like. Foods that can be consumed on the festival grounds are acceptable. Other food items will not be accepted, such as jams, jellies, oils, sauces, etc.

  7. We do not allow any resale items at this event. All work must be original, handcrafted work. 

  8. Work done by a production studio is not acceptable. All work must be designed and executed by the accepted artist.

  9. The Board of AAOS reserves the right to refuse any application that does not fit the criteria of handcrafted.

  10. Art and craft vendors must be present with their work for the entire three days of the Festival.

  11. A current business license is required to participate.

  12. Vendor agrees to the use of their name, and/or company name and any photos provided, for all AAOS Festival marketing and advertising. Vendor also agrees that videos and photographs taken during the event by Festival staff may be used for promotional purposes during the event and for future events, and are the property of AAOS.

  13. If a vendor does not comply with the Festival Policies they will forfeit their booth for the show and will not be allowed to return in subsequent years.



  • Printed items based on the artist’s original design are allowed. 

  • Reproductions and mass-produced items are not allowed. 


Can more than one artist share a booth?

Yes, please indicate shared artist/vendor names, listed separately, on one application. Only one booth fee will apply.

Do I need to have a business license?

Yes, all participating artists must have a current business license.


What are the booth/space fees:

Indoor Artist Vendor Space Rental Rates:

10’ x 10’ Interior: $175 (includes an 8’ high back drape and 4’ high side drapes)

10’ x 10’ Interior Corner: $200 (includes an 8’ high back drape and one 4’ high side drape) SOLD OUT

10’ x 20’ Interior: $350 (includes an 8’ high back drape and 4’ high side drapes) SOLD OUT

10’ x 20’ Interior + Interior Corner: $375 (includes 8’ high back drape and one 4’ high side drape) SOLD OUT

10’ x 20’ Double Corner: $400 (includes two 4’ high side drapes) SOLD OUT

Tables: $5 each (Table options are 6’x30”, 8’x30” or 8’x15”.)

2 Folding Chairs, based on availability, are provided free of charge, but must be requested in the comments field at the bottom of the application.


Outdoor Artist Vendor Space Rental Rates:

10’ x 10’ outdoor booth space only: $175

10’ x 20’ outdoor booth space only: $350

Electricity: $25

NOTE: Weights on outdoor tents are required! Minimum 40 lbs for each corner.

NOTE: Tables and chairs are not available for outside booths.


Outdoor Food Vendor Space Rental Rates:

10’ x 20’ space for food trucks, tents or trailers: $200

Electricity: $25

NOTE: The Convention Center has 220V/50 amp TWISTLOCK electricity available. If you need 220V/50 amp electricity, please make sure you have the right adapter/connector before you arrive for the show. You cannot buy it in Ocean Shores. 

NOTE: Food Vendors are required to apply for and receive their Temporary Food Permit for the Festival by July 15, 2024 and provide a copy to AAOS by email at

NOTE: Weights on outdoor tents are required! Minimum 40 lbs for each corner.


How will I know if I’m accepted?

Applicants will receive a Letter of Acceptance via email by May 1, 2024 or within 2 weeks for late applications.


If I’m not accepted, how will I be reimbursed?

All reimbursements will be by check and returned via USPS, less a $25 administrative fee, approximately four weeks after May 1st, 2024.

What is the cancellation policy?

  • Cancellations made at least 30 days in advance of the show will receive a full refund of the application fee, less a $25 administrative fee.

  • Cancellations received two weeks prior to the show will receive a full refund, less a $50 administrative fee.

  • No refunds will be issued for cancellations made after August 15, 2023. No exceptions.

  • Cancellation requests must be received in writing by email sent to​


What if the festival is cancelled?

Artists will be reimbursed within 30 days, less a $10 administrative fee.


Where is my booth space?

Participating artists applying by the deadline will receive an email with their booth assignment, along with their Letter of Acceptance, and a layout of the festival, by May 1, 2024. Participating artists applying after the deadline will receive this information within two weeks.


How are spaces assigned?

Booth spaces are assigned on a First Paid basis. AAOS will make every effort to fulfill special space requests but does not guarantee it. Assigned spaces are final.


Is there a map of the festival layout?

A layout of the festival will be emailed to participating artists along with their booth assignments the beginning of May, 2024.


When can I set up?

All artists must check in with festival staff at the main entrance of the Convention Center prior to setting up a booth on Thursday, August 29, 2024 between the hours of 10:00 am and 5:00 pm, or on Friday, August 30, 2024, between 8:00 am and 10:00 am. The check-in point will be indicated on the festival layout.


Where can I find festival staff during the show?

The AAOS info booth location will be at the main entrance of the Convention Center as shown on the show layout. Festival staff will wear identification badges and roam the aisles continuously throughout the festival.


What is the loading procedure?

Nothing is to be brought into the Convention Center through the glass doors. After checking in, please use the solid doors nearest to your assigned space to move articles in and out. After unloading, and during the show, artists vehicles must be parked in the lot west of the Convention Center. City Ordinance prohibits overnight camping and overnight parking at the Convention Center. Parking signs will be posted. Parking around the Convention Center is reserved for customers only. Citations will be issued for non-compliance.


When am I required to be in my booth?

  • Exhibiting artists are required to be in their booth between 10 am and 5 pm on all three days of the festival. If a vendor does not show up for the first day of the festival, they will not be allowed to set up and their space will be reassigned.

  • Festival staff will be on site during set up to ensure that participants are in their correct assigned space.

  • Chairs, tables and artwork must be kept within the confines of your booth space at all times. Aisles must be kept open. Canopy frames may be utilized without the top coverings, per Fire Code. Outdoor tents must meet Fire Department specifications. Canopies or mesh sides are not permitted.

  • Festival staff will come by several times each day to provide brief breaks for participating artists.


Can I leave my artwork in my booth overnight?

Yes! The convention center building is locked each evening after 5:15 pm. Security is provided Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings.


I reserved an outside booth, what if it rains?

  • The festival will go ahead unless there is a weather or other catastrophe.

  • Be prepared for rain by bringing plastic sheets or tarps to protect your artwork or display; most pop-up tents are not completely waterproof.

  • Weights on outdoor booths are required! Minimum 40 lbs for each corner.


How are sales handled?

  • You are responsible for any sales transactions that occur during the festival, including the collection of Washington State and Ocean Shores sales tax (totaling 9.1%).

  • AAOS recommends bringing petty cash for cash transactions. 

  • You may use point of sale systems such as Square or Shopify for processing credit card transactions. The convention center has electricity available, please request this on your application. Free WiFi is available in the Convention Center. Please ask for details during booth check-in.

  • AAOS does not retain any percentage of artists’ sales.


When can I dismantle my booth?

All booths shall remain until close of show on Sunday. Early tear down is not permitted. Tear down will begin at 5:00 pm and all booths must be cleared no later than 7:00 pm. Vendors failing to comply will not be allowed to participate the following year.


Do I have to clean up my booth space at the end of the festival?

All participating vendors are responsible for leaving their display area in the same condition that they found it. Please remove your entire display and dispose of all garbage.



  • AAOS does not require artist/craft vendors to have their own insurance; however, no vendor insurance is provided by AAOS or the Convention Center.

  • There is no fee for Festival attendees. 

  • Banners and light objects may be hung from the pipe, but not from the drapes.

  • Free WiFi is available in the Convention Center. Please ask for details during booth check-in.

What if I still have questions?

Please email our festival team at

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